Leave Vinyl Plank Installation and Stair Making Work to Us

Do you want brand new stairs for your newly-constructed home? If you want specific materials to be used such as vinyl or any other flooring material, you’re going to have to hire a vinyl plank installation expert to make it happen. Whatever material you decide, if you want new stairs, consider hiring professionals such as K & J Flooring. We can accurately construct new stairs for our clients in Houston, TX.

Vinyl Plank Installation in Houston TX

Why Leave the Construction Work to Pros?

Constructing new stairs requires a specific skill set and enough experience so that you’ll know that the new stairs will be safe to use. You wouldn’t want the stairs to collapse on you, right? It’s best to rely on professionals who have the experience, are experts in the field, and are fully equipped with the tools needed for such a complicated task. Accurate dimensions must be measured and building codes must be considered. If you don’t know where to begin, just hire professionals like us to make the stairs for you.

We Can Construct the Stairs for You!

Our stair making service uses specific materials for the base as well as the rest of the stairs. This way, we can make certain that it will be strong and sturdy. The materials that we will be using will depend on what you want. But we will make sure that they are of excellent quality so that they will last a long time. We’ll plan it out carefully, making sure that we get the right dimensions and we’ll also follow building codes when constructing and installing it. Book our services and you’ll have brand new stairs before you know it!

Call (832) 516-5339 and Reach the Vinyl Plank Installation in Houston, TX!

K & J Flooring specializes in vinyl plank installation and other flooring work including stair making and the like. So, if you want new stairs in your house in Houston, TX, there’s no need to hesitate. Give us a call at (832) 516-5339 right away!

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