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Hardwood is one of the most preferred flooring materials. It comes in a diversity of colors, styles, and patterns and provides extraordinary beauty and charm to any room and property. K & J Flooring offers reliable and cost-effective hardwood replacement services. We are in Houston, TX.

Hardwood Replacement in Houston, TX

When our technicians visit your home or business, our first job will be to look at the condition of your current floor covering. We will check to see how much damage it has. We will check to see if the material has ever been refinished as that matters, too. Watermarks, cracks, and deep stains are addressed with a full replacement. Our experienced technicians will come on the appointed day to remove the old flooring material with our modern and efficient machines. The new installation will be the next step after we prepare and make some corrections to the subfloor. After the necessary underlayment is in place, our installers will attach the new material precisely and correctly.

If you’re looking for flooring that suits your budget and gives that soft touch under your feet, then you should go for hardwood floors. Our company has been in the hardwood replacement business for over a decade. We are trained and skilled technicians who understand the basics of wood installation. Utilizing the most efficient tools and equipment, we replace hardwood surfaces quickly and correctly. When we handle your project, not only will you have a joyful experience, but you also find out many facts about this material and its maintenance. Why not take advantage of our special prices and discounts? When you put your project in our professional hands, you can expect the best possible outcome.

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Are you looking for the right flooring company in the Houston, TX region, call our specialist by dialing (832) 516-5339. K & J Flooring is the company for the success of your project.

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