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Did you bought an old house and discovered that some parts of the flooring aren’t in good condition? Talk to K & J Flooring. We offer top-notch flooring installation and repairs for commercial and residential homes in Houston, TX. There are no wood flooring issues that we can’t handle. Learn why below.

Flooring Installation in Houston TX

What We Can Fix?

We handle different flooring issues, including peeling finishes, wear, stains, gaps, scratches, cupped edges, and cracks on timbers. We can sand and refinished the damaged floor but before that, let us perform a site inspection. This way, we can check the structural integrity of the roofing and identify the best course of action for the repairs.

What Can Affect the Cost of Our Floor Repairs?

Just like our flooring installation, there are various elements that can affect the cost of the repair, and these include the scale of the damage and the duration it’ll take to complete it. We’re very upfront in giving an estimate for our inspection and floor repair so you don’t need to worry about exceeding your budget. We’ll give you a heads up, even help you find a good solution to the problem.

Why Should Call Us Instead of Going DIY?

Some flooring issues can be DIY, but unless you’re doing it to save money, DIY is the least cost-effective solutions. You need to buy materials and tools, tools that you won’t be using after the project. Furthermore, you need to perform some trials and errors before you can perfect the job.

If you would love to save money, we highly recommend our company. We can fully utilize your purchase resources and help you save time. Working with us will give you assurance. Since we can detect hidden issues, it’s more sustainable to use our service.

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Are you looking for high-quality flooring installation in Houston, TX? Call K & J Flooring today at (832) 516-5339.

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